What's New in Microsoft Excel 2010 (E-Learning)

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Length:1.00 hours - Excluding labs and assessments
Published:Jul 27, 2010
Audiences:Information Worker
Technology:Microsoft Office 2010 suites
Delivery method:Self-pace Course

Course Contents: 

This one-hour course provides you with the skills and knowledge required for managing files effectively and controlling the data within the files in Excel 2010.

Topics covered in this course include:

Introduction to Office 2010 Applications and Suites
Enabling Teams to Work Together More Effectively
Getting Almost Anywhere Access to Your Work
Visualizing Data Using Improved Charting Capabilities
Managing Files in Backstage View
Collaborating in Excel 2010
Analyzing Data Using PivotTables
Summarizing Large Data Sets
Adding Mathematical Equations
Accessing Excel 2010 Data Over the Web
Accessing Excel 2010 Data Using a Mobile Device


Recognize the differences among Office 2010 versions and learn about important elements in the Office 2010 interface.
Identify the new and improved features in the Office 2010 applications.
Describe the new features in Excel 2010 Describe how Excel 2010 helps you bring ideas to life.
Describe how Excel 2010 enables teams to work together more effectively.
Describe how Excel 2010 provides almost anywhere access to your work..


To get the most benefit the learner must have intermediate-level skills and at least two years of experience using Microsoft Excel in an enterprise environment.

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