Corporate Services

HiTech Institute specializes in corporate training with competitive pricing and high quality of service. We understand the needs of business and build our innovative learning solutions around them. In many cases, companies require standard curriculum to be customized in order to meet their specific needs. With collaboration between the HiTech Instructors and the client’s education co-ordinator, a customized curriculum is developed and delivered to the company employees.

Training Flexibility

In addition, often the issue of training scheduling becomes a challenge. In these situations, HiTech has often suggested a “block scheduling” solution. This entails breaking the continuous training schedule into two or more blocks of training days. This eases the burden on the corporation’s schedule of having too many employees out of the office for too long a time period, or at one time. The training solution objective is therefore “flexibility”! These and other methods of curriculum delivery are available to all corporate clients.

Special Pricing

We offer special pricing to all corporate clients. For more details, we encourage you to contact us where our representative can outline the various options available to our corporate clients.