Public Schedule Classroom Training

Integrated Services Intelligence has a unique advantage with our number of classroom locations and partner training facilities throughout Canada and the United States. This allows you to find the hands-on training you need in a classroom environment when you need it. Public Schedule Classroom training can also be the most economical solution for an organization looking to train a large number of employees

Private On-Site Classroom Training

The same classes on our public course schedule can be taught at your facility to help with a technology migration or upgrade. Customized course training dates can be arranged to suit company employee schedules.

Private and Customized Classroom Training

If your team only needs a portion of the training, or a customized outline to meet your business' needs, our instructor team can create a custom class and deliver it at one of our facilities, a partner location, or on-site at your organization. Your team will receive courseware designed to meet your needs along with custom presentations and hands-on labs.

Organizational Assessments

Assessments are core to the Integrated Training Solutions. Assessments are an excellent method to help identify each team member's competency level for project readiness and build a custom blended-learning training solution that trains everyone according to their needs and schedule. Assessments ensure that those who need training get trained, and those who don't need the training are not wasting valuable time and funds in training they do not need.

Training Outsourcing

IT Managers, Human Resources professionals, and training professionals in organizations need a partner who can help them address their needs in a challenging economy. Shrinking budgets and increased expectations require organizations to find a training partner with stability, flexibility, and experience managing the needs of your organization so you can focus on the core needs of your business. Integrated Learning Solutions has been the trusted training process for organizations large and small.

Mentor Learning

Mentor Learning is an exclusive Integrated Training Solutions service in which one of our Instructors will help guide you through a project or new technology deployment where you need expert-level assistance. The advantage of Mentor Learning over consulting is that your team is still the principal actor in the starring role - our expert Instructor assists by providing real-time, highly-customized training, rather than consulting where the implementation is done with little or no knowledge transfer. Integrated Learning Solutions Mentor Learning is a premium training offer, and is the highest level of customized training we can deliver.

Consulting Referral Services

HiTech Institute has the unique advantages of being an authorized Microsoft training center, and a partner with Dynexa Corporation, a It consulting firm. This enables us to meet and train some of the leading systems integration firms (consultants) in the IT industry. If your organization is looking to hire a service provider to deploy, migrate, or develop a custom solution for your IT infrastructure we can help. Through Dynexa Corporation, we can make sure that you have a solution provider that has the experience and background to deliver the solutions your organization requires.

Software Licensing Referral Services

Organizations of all sizes need software to help them be better at what they do. Proper software licensing agreements save money, while maintaining a current and compliant IT environment. Understanding licensing can be a challenge. HiTech Institute along with Dynexa Corporation will advise you on which software licensing model best meets your current needs and your long-term strategic goals.