Six Sigma Certification Overview

Six Sigma is a business management strategy seeking to improve the quality of an organization’s functions by the identification and removal of errors in business processes. Management tools include statistical methods, industry specific knowledge, leadership and Six Sigma creates a hierarchy within the organization. Borrowed from martial arts terminology, “Belts” are awarded in Yellow, Green, and Black. Further awards are Master Black Belt and Champions, the highest form of competency recognized. Overall, Six Sigma creates more efficiency, better ROI, better communication, better leadership and overall operational efficiency and excellence.

Six Sigma Certification

There are many reasons to choose to become Six Sigma Certified: career advancement, higher salaries, professional recognition, and the ability to tap into new theories, tactics and strategies for your job. There are many consulting and training firms available to choose from; Six Sigma Training is an intense makeup of research, study, written exams, proficiency tests and real world Six Sigma Projects under a “belted” member.

There is no central governing body or accrediting institution for Six Sigma. Each training program and training provider is unique in their requirements and testing. Six Sigma Courses can be industry specific including: healthcare, military/defense, financial services, information technology, manufacturing, small business, sales and marketing.
Six Sigma Courses can include: Applied Statistics, Lean Six Sigma, and courses specifically for the industries above.

Six Sigma Candidate Profile

Any professional looking to stand out from their peers should consider Six Sigma Certification. The certification lends confidence that grantees have demonstrated a level of knowledge and understanding for job function, leadership, and quality initiatives. Individuals must complete all requirements for the level they seek prior to the award of the Certification. Six Sigma Training and Certification is for professional with a yearning for new models and methodologies that will increase their skills.