Six Sigma Green Belt training

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Course Contents: 

Introduction to Six Sigma

  • Six Sigma Implementation Process
  • Structuring Six Sigma Function
  • Use of Technologies in Six Sigma Programs
  • Strategies Employed in Six Sigma Programs
  • Database Development
  • Six Sigma Tool Kit
  • Idea Collection Tools
  • Data Gathering Tools
  • Process and Data Analysis Tools
  • Statistical Analysis Tools
  • Implementation and Process Management
  • Overview of DMADV or DFSS

Green Belt - Define Phase

  • Overview of Green Belt
  • Overview of DMAIC
  • Define Phase
  • Measure Phase
  • Analyze Phase
  • Improve Phase
  • Control Phase
  • Objectives
  • Project Charter
  • Identifying the Customers, their needs and Requirements
  • Activity Network Diagram

Green Belt - The Measure Phase

  • Objectives
  • Data Collection Plan and Execution
  • Types of Data Basic
  • Data Collection Tools
  • Trend Charts
  • Process Maps
  • Histograms
  • Attribute Control Charts
  • X Bar Charts
  • Probability Plots
  • Basic Process Capability
  • Process Variation
  • Introduction to Statistical Process Control ( SPC) Techniques
  • Pareto charts
  • Fishbone diagrams

Green Belt - The Analyze Phase

  • Objectives
  • Arriving at the Root Cause
  • Data Analysis
  • Process Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis-Open
  • Root Cause Analysis-Narrow
  • Root Cause Analysis-Close
  • Quantifying the Opportunity
  • Determining the Performance Gap
  • Redefining the Problem
  • Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)

Green Belt - The Improve Phase

  • Objectives
  • Generating Possible Solutions and Selecting the Best Solutions
  • The Open-Narrow-Close Approach
  • Devising the Implementation Plan
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Contingency Plan
  • Tools used in the Improve Phase
  • Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Project Management Tools

Green Belt - The Control Phase

  • Objectives
  • The Control Plan
  • Process Standardization
  • Response Plan
  • Confirming the Number of DPMO Reductions
  • Transfer of Ownership to Process Owner
  • Systems and Structure Changes to Institutionalize the Improvement
  • Control Methods/Tools and Techniques for Control Planning

This course includes the Yellow Belt program described above as its first module and goes on to cover the majority of statistical tools needed for DMAIC projects. The course is very 'hands on' with practical activities throughout the program. This course includes comprehensive training and use of the statistical software package Minitab Version 14.

This 5-day program is ideal for Six Sigma project team leaders and team members who need to be able to apply a wide range of Six Sigma tools on real life projects. The course has proved to be equally relevant to manufacturing and service/ transactional environments. The mix of delegates on the training is one of the attractions of attending this open program.

Each participant receives a comprehensive delegate pack including a Six Sigma Improvement Toolbook, Statistical Tool guides, Worksheets, Project examples and support materials for use in Minitab.


You will attain 35 professional development units (PDUs).

For more information on Six Sigma Green Belt training please feel free to contact us online or call us at 416-513-1535.