Lean projects for Lean Enterprise

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Lean thinking is now commonplace in manufacturing but what about applications in service and transaction based 'office' environments. This two day program introduces the principles and explains how Lean Thinking is just as relevant in 'The Office' and how it can be applied successfully in non-manufacturing organizations. Toyota 'invented' lean thinking and have been using operational excellence as a strategic weapon for decades. One of the wonders of Toyota is whenever they get beaten at something they learn very quickly and bounce back even stronger. Many companies think they are lean, but aren't. It's not just about using lean tools.

Course Contents: 

Part I Lean Basics
Chapter 1 Defining Lean
Chapter 2 The Foundation And Language Of Lean

Part II Understanding Flow And The Value Stream
Chapter 3 Seeing Value Through The Eyes Of The Customer
Chapter 4 A Resource Runs Through It: Value Stream Mapping
Chapter 5 Charting The Course: Using Value Stream Maps
Chapter 6 Flowing In The Right Direction: Lean Projects And Kaizen

Part III The Lean Toolbox
Chapter 7 Customer And Value-Stream Tools
Chapter 8 Flow And Pull Tools
Chapter 9 Perfection Tools
Chapter 10 Management Tools

Part IV The Lean Enterprise
Chapter 11 Lean In The Organization: Principles, Behaviors, And Change
Chapter 12 Power To The People
Chapter 13 Go Lean: Implementation Strategy, Startup, And Evolution
Chapter 14 Lean Within The Enterprise
Chapter 15 Lean Across Industry

Part V The Part Of Tens
Chapter 16 Ten Best Practices Of Lean
Chapter 17 Ten Pitfalls To Avoid
Chapter 18 Ten Places To Go For Help

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