Building a Project Schedule in Microsoft Project 2010 (E-Learning)

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Length:1.00 hours - Excluding labs and assessments
Published:Jun 29, 2010
Audiences:Information Worker
Technology:Microsoft Project 2010
Delivery method:Self-pace Course

Course Contents: 

This one-hour online course is designed to give you the skills and knowledge required to use the various scheduling features in Project 2010.

Topics covered in this course include:
Task Relationship
Adding Constraints and Deadlines
Assigning Resources to Tasks
Saving a Baseine
Resolving Scheduling Issues by Using the Task Inspector
Modifying Assignments with the Team Planner View
Modifying Assignments of Autoscheduled Tasks
Adding and Removing Resources


Explain how to build a schedule by linking tasks and fine-tuning task details in Project 2010.
Resolve common scheduling issues by using Project 2010 features..


Learners taking this course must be familiar with basic project management tasks. They must have experience working with Microsoft Office Project 2003, Microsoft Office Project 2007, or other project management applications. Learners familiar with Project 2003 and Project 2007 must complete Course 4697: Introduction to the New Microsoft® Office Fluent™ User Interface before taking this course.

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