Wireless Network Administration (CWNA) Exam Prep

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Course Contents: 

Introduction to Wireless LANs
Wireless LAN market overview
Wireless terminology
RF behavior
Principles of antennas
Following power output regulations
Spread Spectrum Technologies
Uses of Spread Spectrum
Frequency Hopping
Co-location and throughput analysis
Hardware Installation
Configuration, and Management
Access points
Wireless workgroup bridges
Residential gateways
Enterprise gateways
Antennas and Accessories
Interframe spacing
Cables and connector usage
Proper mounting and safety
Performing outdoor/indoor
Organizations and Standards
Frequency ranges and channels
IEEE 802.11 family of standards
Wireless LAN organizations
802.11 Network Architecture
Joining a wireless LAN
Independent Basic Service Set
Roaming in a wireless LAN
Physical and MAC Layers
Differences between wireless
and Ethernet frames
Analysis of DCF/PCF
Effects of packet fragmentation
Troubleshooting Wireless LANs
Identifying and resolving interference problems
Maximizing system throughput
Maximizing Co-location throughput
Wireless LAN Security
Analysis of 802.11 security including WEP
Protecting the network from attacks
Corporate security policies
Security recommendations
Site Surveying
Defining business requirements
Interviewing network management and users
Reporting methodology and procedures
Determining contours of RF coverage
Client/access point association
Roaming in a wireless LAN
Testing co-location and throughput
Ad Hoc connectivity and throughput tests
WEP throughput


The Wireless LAN Administration course, whether in an academic format or a 3-day fast-track format,
provides the networking professional a complete foundation of knowledge for entering into or advancing
in the wireless networking industry. From basic RF theory to link budget math, including topics from
troubleshooting to performing a site survey, this course delivers hands on training that will benefit the
novice as well as the experienced network professional.


It is recommended that all students have at least a basic knowledge of networking (as exhibited in Net+, CCNA, CNA, or MCP) prior to enrolling in the course.


This course targets both novice and experienced networking professionals who wish to gain a solid understanding of wireless networking to complement their knowledge of raditional wired networking.

24 hours
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