Software Testing & Quality Assurance

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Course Contents: 

Infamous software error case studies
A formal definition of a software bug
What a software tester does
Testing axioms
Software testing terms and definitions
Black box vs. White box testing
Static Vs Dynamic Testing
Testing the specs
Testing functions & testing data
Overview of types of Software Development Lifecycles SDLC
Responsibilities of QA group in overall software development Unit, Sanity, Smoke, UAT, Load, Volume, Stress, Performance, Alpha, Beta,
Functional Testing Vs Regression Testing
Configuration/Compatibility testing
Foreign language testing
Useability testing
Web site testing
Objectives & limits of testing
Expectation/deliverables from QA
Major milestones in QA
Test case design
Getting acquainted with Business Functionality of application
Characteristics of a good test case
Test plans
Writing effective test cases
Soliciting your test cases
Formal review meetings, walkthroughs, meetings involving developers & marketing
Writing effective testing documents
Master Test Plan & its components – Hands on exercises
Test Metrics
Test Coverage
Build Release/Change management Process
Types of defects / Common Software Errors
ISO 9001/CMM
Overview of Automation tools (Mercury WinRunner OR Rational Robot)
Overview of Test case management tools
Overview of Defect tracking tools
Overview of Software configuration management tools
Manual Vs Automated testing
Importance of Automation
Careers in Testing
Open discussion


The demand of complex & distributed software development requires full scale testing of the product. This course is designed to bring new software testers up to speed quickly, course covers from basics to structured software testing methodologies. Emphasis is on finding and reporting bugs. Topics include basic testing theory, a discussion of quality, techniques for determining whether a bug is real, and tips and tricks for bug reproduction and isolation. You will learn key testing concepts, such as Regression, Black Box/White Box, and User Acceptance, Alpha, Beta. It is a fast-paced course with hands-on testing, bug reporting, and feedback. In hands-on exercises it will cover writing Test Specification, Test Plan, Test Cases & Bug Reporting.


Familiarity with Windows

30 hours
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