Server+ Certification Exam SK0-003

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  • General server hardware knowledge and their installation
  • Configuration of server\'s hardware and software
  • Upgrading server\'s hardware and software
  • Proactive maintenance of server
  • Learn about the environment for server
  • Troubleshooting, problem determination and disaster recovery of server
Course Contents: 

General Server Hardware Knowledge

  • Characteristics of system bus architecture
  • Characteristics of adapter fault tolerance
  • Basic purpose, function and application model of servers
  • RAM , HD and fiver channel
  • RAID Levels
  • Hot swap drivers, hot plug boards, multiprocessing, and clustering
  • General Server Installation

  • Pre-installation activity
  • Install hardware using best practice
  • Server management plan
  • Server Configuration

  • Check/upgrade BIOS/firmware levels
  • Configure RAID
  • Install NOS
  • Configure external peripherals
  • Install service tools, perform server baseline and document the configuration
  • Server Upgrading

  • Perform backup
  • Add processors, hard drives, memory
  • Upgrade BIOS/Firmware, adapters
  • Upgrade system monitoring agents, service tools
  • Upgrade UPS
  • Proactive Maintenance and Environment

  • Perform regular backup
  • Create Baseline and compare performance
  • Perform physical housekeeping
  • Physical security and server room environmental issues
  • Troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery

  • Perform problem determination
  • Hardware and Software tools
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Read and follow the disaster recovery plan

This course will prepare students for the current CompTIA Server+ certification exam. It is designed to give students advanced-level technical competency of server issues and technology, including installation, configuration, upgrading, maintenance, environment, troubleshooting and disaster recovery.


Candidates are encouraged to have at least one other IT certification such as CompTIA A+, or Network+ certifications. However, these are not required.


This course is intended for server installation and maintenance technicians and students who are involved in computer installation, maintenance troubleshooting. It will prepare students for the Server+ Certification examinations.

Materials Available: 
24 hours
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