QTP - QuickTest Pro

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The instruction includes lectures, discussions, and practical training in the areas listed below. The course involves lectures, labs, projects.

Course Contents: 

Benefits of Test Automation
Test automation concepts
Planning for Test Automation
QuickTest Testing Process
Creating automated testing projects in QTP
Recording scripts in QTP
Working with QTP application - Keyword and Expert Views
Verification checkpoint. Analyzing scripts.
Recording Modes
Bitmap Checkpoint
OOP concepts. Object Repository. Object Spy.
Object Repository Manager
Creating Shared Object Repository
Multiple Actions. External Actions.
Configuring values
Parameterizing the scripts. Action parameters.
Regular expressions
VBScript Programming in QTP
Virtual Objects
Data-driven test automation
Setting Record and Run Options
Testing web objects


It covers various aspects of creating projects in QTP as well as general test automation concepts.


The QTP - QuickTest Pro (Professional) course is designed for individuals interested in learning software test automation that popular tool.

30 hours
For more information on QTP - QuickTest Pro please feel free to contact us online or call us at 416-513-1535.