Ontario Building Code

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Course Contents: 
  • Technical Definitions
  • Building Classification
  • Permits & Inspection
  • Climatic Data and its application
  • Safety Requirements within Floor Area
  • Requirements For Exits
  • Structural Design Methods
  • Building Safety: Structural and Serviceability
  • Design Requirements
  • Penetration Protection methods
  • Overview: Construction Materials
  • Room Space, Door, Window & Stair Requirements
  • Fire Walls
  • Drainage System
  • Structural Systems
  • Objective: 
  • Regulations under the Building Code Act
  • Application of appropriate uniform building standards
  • Minimum Provisions with respect to safety of buildings.
  • Prerequisites: 

    Basic knowledge & Concepts of discipline. Familiarity with Building Codes of individual's country would be an added advantage.


    This course will pave the way to sound knowledge, technical, proficiency and expertise in applications of regulations per Ontario Building code. This course is intended for technicians, technologists and engineers with relevant engineering discipline.

    24 hours
    For more information on Ontario Building Code please feel free to contact us online or call us at 416-513-1535.