Linux+ Exam (XK0 - 002) Prep

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Course Contents: 

CompTIA Linux+ course contents designed for Linux+ exam XK0-002

Domain 1.0 Installation

Identify all system hardware required and check
compatibility with Linux Distribution
Determine appropriate method of installation based on environment network
Install multimedia options (for example: video, sound, codecs)
Identify purpose of Linux machine based on predetermined customer requirements
Determine what software and services should be installed
Pre-installation plan using fdisk
Configure file systems
Configure a boot manager
Select appropriate networking configuration and protocols
Select appropriate parameters for Linux installation
Configure peripherals as necessary

Domain 2.0 Management

Manage local storage devices and file systems
Mount and unmount varied filesystems
Create files and directories
Execute content and directory searches
Create linked files using CLI commands
Perform and verify backups and restores
Access and write data to recordable media
Repair packages and scripts
Perform text manipulation
Manage print jobs and print queues
Perform remote management
Perform NIS-related domain management
Create, modify, and use basic shell scripts
Create, modify, and delete user and group accounts
Schedule jobs

Domain 3.0 Configuration

Configure client network services and settings
Configure basic server network services
Implement basic routing and subnetting
Configure the system
Implement DNS
Configure a Network Interface Card
Configure Linux printing
Configure log files
Configure the X Window system
Set up environment variables

Domain 4.0 Security

Configure security environment files
Given security requirements, implement appropriate encryption configuration
machine's security
appropriate access level for login
Set process and special permissions
Identify different Linux Intrusion Detection Systems
Given security requirements, implement basic IP tables/chains
Implement security auditing for files and authentication
Identify security vulnerabilities within Linux services
Set up user-level security

Domain 5.0 Documentation

Establish and monitor system performance baseline
Create written procedures for installation, configuration, security and management
Document installed configuration
Troubleshoot errors using systems logs
Access system documentation

Domain 6.0 Hardware

Describe common hardware components and resources
Diagnose hardware issues using Linux tools
Identify and configure removable system hardware
Configure advanced power management
Identify and configure mass storage devices and RAID


Installation and Configuration of Linux server
Users, Computers and resource Connectivity Management
Internet and Intranet Environment
Network security, Performance optimization and troubleshooting
Installation and configuration of external devices
Connectivity with other Networks


Working knowledge of computer hardware, software & familiarity with navigating operating systems menus are essential.


This course is intended for those interested or already in a career in Network development.You will become fully capable of installing, configuring, optimizing & Administering Networks. It will prepare students for the Linux+ (XK0-002) examination.

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