ISTQB Certification

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Course Contents: 

• Preparing for Foundation Level ISTQB Certification
• Sample ISTQB certification Questions and Answers
• Mock ISTQB Certification Test

1.Fundamentals of Software Testing
• Why Testing is necessary
• What is Testing
• What is Quality
• General Testing Principle
• Fundamental Test Process
• The psychology of testing

2.Testing throughout the Life Cycle
• Software Development Models
• Levels of Testing
• Types of Testing
• Maintenance Testing

3.Static Techniques
• Different Static techniques
• Review Process
• Static Analysis by Tools

4.Tool Support for Testing
• Types of Testing Tools
• Effective use of Tools
• Introducing a Tool into an Organization

5.Test Design Techniques
• Identifying test conditions and designing test cases
• Categories of Test Design Techniques
• Specification-based or black-box techniques
• Structure-based or white-box techniques
• Experience-based techniques
• Choosing test techniques

6.Test Management
• Test Organization & Independence
• Test Planning & Estimation
• Test progress monitoring & Control
• Change and Configuration Management
• Risk Analysis
• Incident Management


For a testing professional, programmer or manager, holding an ISTQB certificate demonstrates expertise in the best practices and key concepts of Software Testing.


Testing Professionals with 0 to 2 years Experience

30 hours
For more information on ISTQB Certification please feel free to contact us online or call us at 416-513-1535.