AutoCAD 2012 3D Drawing and Modeling

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AutoCAD 3D Drawing and Modeling introduces students who are proficient with AutoCAD’s 2D commands to the concepts and methods of 3D modeling.
The course provides a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of 3D and explores the main features of AutoCAD’s advanced 3D Modeling workspace.

Course Contents: 

Part 1
• Introduction to 3D Modeling
• Use the ViewCube
• Interact with 3D Models
• Create Solid Primitives
• Create Mesh Primitives
• Working with the UCS
• Create Solid Models from 2D Profiles'
• Create Sweeps
• Get information from 3D Objects
• Using Booleans in an Model
• Extract Geometry from Solid Models
• Create 3D Filets and Chamfers
• Slice a Solid Along a Plane
• Edit Solid Models
• Edit Solids to Create Complex Shapes
• Edit Solids Using Grips and Sub-object Selection
• Mirror Objects in 3D
• Array Objects in 3D
• Section a Solid Model and Generating 2D Geometry
• Flatten a View
• Define Section Planes & Draw Section Plane

Part 2
• Creating 3D Geometry (Small cabin)
• Setting up 3D workspace
• Using the Polysolid tool
• Using the Boolean functions
• Extruding 2D objects
• Craeting 3D surfaces
• Navigating in a 3D environment
• Rendering and Materials
• Using the Loft tool
• Creating cameras to reproduce views
• Creating a lighting scheme
• Enabling and controlling shadow effects
• Choosing the background
• Assigning materials to surfaces
• Adjusting mapping and tiling
• Saving setup views and lights as restorable scenes
• Rendering and outputting to a file


Before taking this course, students need to have a good working skill level in AutoCAD.

16 hours
For more information on AutoCAD 2012 3D Drawing and Modeling please feel free to contact us online or call us at 416-513-1535.