3D Studio Max

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Course Contents: 
  • Getting Started with 3D Studio Max
  • Working with the View ports and Files
  • Working with Objects:
  • Using Primitive Objects
  • Selecting Objects and Setting Object Properties
  • Cloning, Grouping, Linking and Transforming Objects
  • Using Modifiers
  • Modeling Techniques:
  • Modeling Basics
  • Using 2D Splines and Shapes
  • Working with Meshes and Polys
  • Creating Patches
  • Building Compound Objects
  • Creating and Controlling Particle Systems
  • Materials and Maps:
  • Exploring the Material Editor
  • Creating and Applying Materials
  • Using Material Maps
  • Cameras and Lights:
  • Controlling Cameras
  • Working with Lights Animation:
  • Animation Basics
  • Using Space Warps and Expressions
  • Creating a Dynamic Simulation
  • Rendering:
  • Rendering Basics
  • Using Render Elements and Render Effects
  • Working with Environments and Atmospheric Effects
  • Familiarity to 2D & 3D drawings
  • Working with Geometrical objects
  • Working with Compound objects
  • Modify commands
  • Traditional modifiers
  • Mapping and Materials
  • Lighting
  • Camera
  • Relationship with other programs

This course will pave the way to gain a thorough knowledge in the 3D modeling, animation and rendering. By acquiring detailed insight, one can create eye-catching design visualizations while providing realism and expression to one's design. This course is intended for Architectural professionals and those involved with graphic & design

16 hours
For more information on 3D Studio Max please feel free to contact us online or call us at 416-513-1535.