SAP CO Advanced

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SAPCO(Controlling) is a core module which deals mainly with cost elements, cost center and profit centers, BOM, product cost collector, routing, costing run, and profitability analysis. It is helpful to review and monitor the product costing, analyze the company performance at a minute level of cost center or profit center, analyze the production efficiencies to make important decisions.

Course Contents: 

SAP Overview System structure
Logic and navigation
Overivew of different modules
Interlinkage of all modules to FI and CO

Introduciton to CO Navigation
Link to FI
Link to MM and SD
Data flow from/to CO

Cost Elements and Cost Center Introduction
Cost Center master data
Linkage of Cost Centers to Cost Elements
Distribution cycles overview
Drill down reports
Periodic reposting
Adjustment postings
Primary postings
Hirerachy of cost center set up
Planning in cost centers
Plan allocation cycle
Distribution cycles
Set up of cost center specific GL accounts

Profit Center Introduction
Profit Center master data
Linkage of Cost Centers and Profit Centers
Assessment cycles overview
Profit center assignment
Profit center postings and analysis
Hirerachy of profit center

Material Cost estimate BOM
Cost Component split
Costing Variant
Create costing run
Update costs
Product cost collector
Overview of Material cost and material master data
Costing run
Analysis and error handling
Cost overhead sheet usage

Overhead cost order Real and statistical orders
Order Master data
Overhead rates on overhead orders
Status management for cost overhead orders
Order posting analysis
Usage in management reporting

Profitability Analysis Structure of Profitability analysis
Characteristics and value fields
Assessment of cost center costs
Analysis of data
Standard cost accounting and analysis

Overview of MM module Overview to link the BOM
Material cost updates and error handling
Different methods to update costs


The main objective of this course is to gain the working knowledge of the SAP CO module for successful career of finance professionals. This course is also designed to obtain set up and logic of the transaction flow to gain upper hand in operating this powerful tool in day to day work life.


For better understanding and gain more benefit out of this course, we would expect that the students has prior background in Accounting and experience on any ERP based accounting software.


The main advantage of this course is that you will be ready to join the workforce immediately and start immediately and confidently working in an SAP environment without any training from the organization. This course will also provide you with an upper hand amongst others in understanding the logic of the transaction flow and thereby addressing the needs of the organization efficiently. This course is also designed to understand the various activities of the organization and their integration in to profitability statements.

Materials Available: 
60 hours
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