About IIBA

International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) is an independent non-profit professional association serving the growing field of Business Analysis. For individuals working in a broad range of roles (business analysis, systems analysis, requirements analysis/management, project management, consulting, process improvement etc.), IIBA can help you do your job better and enhance your professional life.

IIBA was formed in October 2003 with 28 founding members. In April 2006, we became incorporated federally as a non-profit association under the Canada Corporations Act with headquarters in Toronto, Canada. We are internationally active with more than 12,000 members and over 90 chapters worldwide.

IIBA functions primarily as a virtual organization with the members of our Board of Directors, Senior Leadership Team, and several working committees. We rely heavily on volunteer participation in these committees, each of which has specific mandates and goals to further the associations' objectives internationally. In addition, many volunteers at the chapter level focus their energy on providing networking opportunities for their local business analyst communities.

IIBA has become the leading association in the world of business analysis through the creation of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK), the collection of knowledge within the BA profession, reflecting the current generally accepted practices. We help business analysts develop their skills and further their careers by providing access to unique and relevant content and member forums, as well as through our Endorsed Education Provider (EEP TM ) Programs.

The organization has also created the Certified Business Analysis ProfessionalTM (CBAP®) designation, and awarded this title to many individuals. To receive the CBAP designation, candidates must successfully demonstrate their expertise by exemplifying their hands-on work experience in business analysis through the CBAP application process, and pass the IIBA CBAP examination